Lesley Oxley Joins the CHEWV Legislative Team

by | Oct 20, 2017 | News

Mrs. Lesley Oxley, a longstanding member of CHEWV who homeschooled her two children through high school graduation, is the newest member of the CHEWV Legislative Team.  After working closely with John Carey last session, she is joining the CHEWV team in a more official and ongoing capacity as we prepare for the 2018 session.  “I am very passionate about fighting for what’s just and fair, even though it doesn’t affect my children any longer.  I pray that West Virginia homeschoolers can enjoy the freedoms that homeschoolers in other states have,” Oxley writes on her Facebook page.

Carey, who has been representing homeschoolers in Charleston for nineteen years, hopes to involve more CHEWV families and support groups to strengthen our voice in the legislative process.

For bills of interest that may be introduced, see our separate news article, “Preparing for the 2018 Legislative Session.”

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