While these discussions are great for any mom, we particularly want to encourage new homeschool moms as they establish a solid foundation in the first few years. Join Amber and her guests as they share their secrets for smooth homeschool sailing!  Then watch for new discussions every month or so.  Welcome!

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Sadie's Refrigerator Habits Chart

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Laying Down the Rails

A Charlotte Mason handbook by popular speaker Sonja Shafer, Laying Down the Rails helps you know how to establish good habits that set your child up for success – now and in the future. Besides, the parent who works on good habits will find her own days made much more smooth. Highly recommended.

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Home Education

The series of educational philosophy books by British educator Charlotte Mason (1842-1923) is annotated in this set.  Although it includes the original unabridged text, this series also adds helpful annotations to explain unfamilar phrases, people, books, and events. The link provided here is for Volume 1 of Mason’s 6 volumes.

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Habits of the Household

The full title gives you the flavor for this book:  Habits of the Household,: Practicing the Story of God in Everyday Family Rhythms (by Justin Earley). Discover simple habits and easy-to-implement daily rhythms that will help you find meaning beyond the chaos of family life as you create a home where kids and parents alike practice how to love God and each other.

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Habits: The Mother's Secret to Success

This is a compilation of Charlotte Mason’s writings on the topic of habit formation, making it easier to find just what you need about this topic from a CM perspective.

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