Not every future does. But home education can fully prepare you for whatever your future holds because it is as flexible as you and your parents plan.  Whether you are headed for entrepreneurial endeavors, trade school, the workplace, or college, CHEWV would like to encourage you in your journey. 

For college, preparation should really begin prior to the high school years.  Credits earned before and during the freshman year can make a difference in college admission.  High school courses and credits are wisely planned after researching possible college choices. But you can certainly tweak from wherever you are in the process now.  Admission requirements for possible colleges you wish to attend need to be incorporated into the high school course. 

So whether preparing for college entrance exams, considering alternative college credits, or applying for the PROMISE scholarship, CHEWV is here.  For details, click on the pages below:

College Admissions

Plan, Apply and Pay

College Entrance Exams

College Prep - Questions

Promise Scholarship