A Quick Start Guide to Homeschooling in WV

In today’s world, many families find themselves unexpectedly considering homeschooling.

School violence and bullying are on the rise. The political nature of public education has changed. And recently, thousands of children were at home in the face of the Coronavirus pandemic. 

No matter what your reasons for starting, CHEWV is here to help!

Families may find themselves overwhelmed with where to begin. We’d like to provide valuable articles and resources that will help you make the best decision for your family.

There are so many choices for “schooling at home” – like public school at home, Hope Scholarship, and learning pods – that it’s a bit confusing. What makes someone a “homeschooler?”

WV “homeschoolers” are families who utilize exemption 18-8-1(c)(2). (Click here for a good explanation of what that means.) Parents must send a Notice of Intent to the County Superintendent to begin, and then ensure that their children are taught at least reading, language, math, science and social studies – that are each assessed annually. There are other options for “schooling at home,” so ask questions until you’re comfortable with your choice and how it works.