Our 2024 Graduation Ceremony is slated for Saturday afternoon, May 18th, at Gassaway Baptist Church.

CHEWV has been helping families commemorate the milestone of high school graduation since 1993. We invite every CHEWV member family to join us in this year’s celebration! This event is not only your special day, but it also encourages rookie families that the homeschool journey is worth it.

Below are quick FAQs, deadlines, and a registration link. A photo DVD slideshow also gives a glimpse into past graduations. We hope these answer your graduation questions, but if not, please feel free to contact the Graduation Coordinator at graduation@chewv.org.

General FAQs

When is the registration deadline?
Everything is due April 1st this year.
Who can participate?
Any CHEWV member as of the end of March and current through May.
How much does it cost?
The graduation fee of $100.00 covers the admission of any members of your family, as well as invited guests and friends, to the reception and ceremony. Besides food and other reception expenses, it helps cover facility rental and liability insurance; custodial and sound man services; printing supplies, etc.
Where and when is this year's graduation?
The 2024 Graduation is scheduled for 3:00 pm at centrally-located Gassoway Baptist Church on Saturday afternoon, May 18th.
What happens at a graduation?

For those of you who haven’t attended a commencement with us in the past, the graduates proceed down the aisle in last-name alphabetical order and are seated with their families. Then, as each graduate is introduced, he or she steps forward with parents to the podium. The parents and/or graduate may give a brief presentation, or the diploma may simply be presented. Although most families use their 2-3 minute opportunity, you’re under no obligation to say anything – a hug can say it all!

Once all diplomas are awarded and everyone seated, we usually have a short program. Immediately following the graduates’ recessional, we would like them to reassemble for a group picture for CHEWV; after that you’re welcome to take additional photos with family and guests before leaving the sanctuary.

Can my graduate do a special performance?
We gladly accommodate special music or other brief presentations if deemed appropriate and as time allows. If you would like to sing or play an instrument, or present a special brief recitation during our program, please give us the details about your proposed selection (name of piece, composer/arranger, author, etc.) as soon as possible and no later than April 1st. Please understand that CHEWV reserves the right to decide what to include in the program.
Is there a rehearsal?
In order to meet everyone and review the ceremony’s format, there is a brief rehearsal at 1:30 on Saturday afternoon at the facility. We ask all graduates to be prompt and present for this rehearsal.
Is there a reception?
CHEWV hosts a light reception for you, your family, and guests. Our afternoon event aims to leave you plenty of time for family dinners and private celebrations afterward.
Where do I get a diploma?
While not required, most parents do present their graduate with a diploma during the ceremony. Unless the program or curriculum you are using supplies a diploma, you can choose a variety of handsome designs from sources such as HSLDA or BJU, or even design one of your own. Online purchase of a diploma is available from www.graduationsource.com, or www.jostens.com/homeschool. Go to www.hslda.org/bookstore http://www.hlsda.org for an especially fine selection.
Is a cap and gown required?
Cap, tassel and gown (colors of your choice) are optional; be sure to press your own gown prior to the ceremony. Online purchases of diplomas, caps, gowns, grad announcements, etc., are available from www.graduationsource.com, or www.jostens.com/homeschool. Go to www.hslda.org/bookstore http://www.hlsda.org for an especially fine selection.
What should my graduate wear?
Dressy but modest attire is required of all graduation participants. [Gentlemen: suit or sports coat and slacks. Ladies: dress/suit or jumper/skirt and blouse/ jacket.]
What do I need to supply for the printed memento/program?
For each year’s class ceremony CHEWV creates a commemorative printed program with senior portraits and bios. Our printed commencement programs will carry a one-page biography of each graduate. Please include your full name as you want it to appear in the program. A few highlights of your homeschooling experience and perhaps your future plans would be appreciated. Consider including some particular area of interest, activities (4-H, community service, church, missions, family events, jobs an travel) or special accomplishments or awards. You might explain why you chose home education or note personal benefits/opportunities which arose from this choice. A personal word of inspiration or favorite Scripture is always welcome! About three or four paragraphs would be perfect. PLEASE E-MAIL YOUR BIOGRAPHY TO the Graduation Coordinator by April 1st with a photo (wallet-size minimum) of the graduate. While we do not require a formal portrait, we obtain better reproduction results with larger photos taken with adequate lighting. Even outdoor portraits often turn out better with a flash. Digital images with high pixel density sent via e-mail are perfect. Note: As the programs are printed in black & white, a color portrait is perfectly fine but not necessary.
What do I need to supply for the photo DVD slide show?
Each year we put together a photo presentation of CHEWV’s graduation class, projected on a large overhead screen, as part of the prelude. If you’d like to participate (it is optional), please submit no more than 10 digital/scanned photos of yourself from early childhood to the present. As always,the better the pixel quality, the better the screen reproduction! These photos should be submitted by April 1st to the designated DVD creator.
If my graduate does not have a performance, is there another way I can highlight his/her accomplishments?
Families who desire to do so may bring one neatly-arranged, poster-sized, foam-core flat display board highlighting gatherings with friends, church and family; special milestones; mission trips; personal accomplishments; etc. This is also optional. CHEWV will supply one easel per graduate. Due to space constraints and other factors, we are not able to set up tables. Please contact the graduation coordinator if you have further questions.
Do I need to register my family and friends?
To help us plan our reception purchases and space requirements, please send an estimate by April 1st to the Graduation Coordinator of the number of family, friends and guests (including yourselves) in your party who plan to attend the informal reception.

Deadlines to Remember

  • April 1 – Current CHEWV membership and $100.00 graduation fee
  • April 1 – Biography and photo for the commencement program
  • April 1 – Photos for the photo DVD slideshow
  • April 1 – Total number of family/guests attending reception
  • April 1 – Request for performance slot

Graduate Registration

Click here to register!

Enjoy our slideshow which offers a glimpse into our unique graduation events.