Overview of WV Homeschool Requirements

The WV homeschool exemption can be read in its entirety at this link.  The summary below is not meant to be a substitute for the details found in the law, but as a helpful overview of the main points.

Please note: Hope Scholarship students school under a different Exemption (m).  For the law’s requirements for Hope students, click here.  For WV homeschooling (exemption c) continue:

Homeschooling in WV can legally be done via the “approval option” OR the “notice option.”  The approval option is rarely used and not recommended.  This information is for the notice option, WV Code 18-8-1(c)(2), and is the recommended option. 

 The notice option, 18-8-1(c)(2), can be simplified into two requirements:

1. What you do before you begin homeschooling

Give Notice

Before you begin, you must give notice to your county superintendent that you intend to homeschool.  (We recommend that you send the notice by certified return receipt.)  Once the notice is sent, homeschooling  the five required subjects (reading, language, mathematics, science and social studies) can begin.  Information about what the notice must contain, including a convenient form, can be found here.

2. What you do every year thereafter

Assess the Students

Every year, homeschooled students must be assessed using ONE of four options.  Homeschool instructors must choose between four assessment options: 1) a standardized test which has been nationally normed within the past ten years  2) a portfolio review  3) the testing program in the public school  4) a method agreed upon in advance with the county superintendent.  Details are explained here.  The selected assessment results must be kept on file for three years.  However, when students are in grades 3, 5, 8 and 11, the assessment results must also be turned in to the county superintendent by June 30. 


In simplest terms, that is it!  Additional details about these requirements can be found throughout our site, starting at the links above. 

This law must be followed for all homeschooled children of compulsory age in WV.  Compulsory age begins when a student turns 6 prior to July 1st and runs until age 17 (18 in select counties).   

Following the law is what gives us legal permission to homeschool our children.  Once homeschooling commences, we gain the privilege of educating them – which is the greater of our responsibilities.  While the full responsibility to follow the law and educate our children rests solely with the parents, CHEWVHSDLA, and local support groups can provide invaluable assistance. Following the law is just the beginning of a wonderful educational journey!