It was the best of times, it was the worst of times….many who have homeschooled through high school can attest to that!


Before the high school years, the parents are cast as the authority in the home and the child lives under that protection. About the time the child reaches the high school years, these roles begin to change as the student begins to take on more responsibility under the parents’ guidance. The parent gradually becomes more like a GPS, giving direction when a new path is encountered. Our student “drivers” begin asking, “Is this really the right path for me? Or is there a short cut or a more interesting path I would enjoy better?”


During these years, the “GPS” helps the “driver” traverse the myriad of possible roads and sometimes “recalculates” when they wander off course. Occasionally our students seem like reckless drivers who have selective hearing each time the GPS is heard! But what better time than this to allow the “driver” to make mistakes or get a fender bender while they still have the “GPS” to help them return to a safe course? There will be days when the “driver” tries to turn the “GPS” off, while on other days he will desperately scream, “Tell me where to go!” 


But these are also the years when that freckle-faced child turns into an adult – an adult who is developing his own questions, answers, and logic. And an adult who is ready to face his or her future.


Welcome to homeschooling the high school years!

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