One CHEWV Family’s Experience with Dual Enrollment

by | May 8, 2024 | Articles, High School

Taking dual enrollment classes during high school is an affordable way to start college early. WV Institute of Technology offers distance learning classes that are available to homeschoolers around the state. Here’s the experience of one WV homeschooling mom with WVU Tech:

“I am now homeschooling two high school students and wanted to give them an opportunity to have an instructor other than me before college. We were also interested in earning early college credit as a way to challenge them. One of my children really dislikes testing, so AP courses and CLEP testing didn’t seem like the right first option for her. This led me to pursue dual enrollment options.   

Dual enrollment options seem to vary by area. In Morgantown, where we are, the options appear to be WVU Tech, WVU and Pierpont. The prices vary as do the classes available. My understanding is that WVU Tech only offers a few classes each semester online. You can check out their information:

Since the classes with WVU Tech are only $25 per credit hour, we decided to try them first. My oldest has successfully completed two classes online so far. This fall, as a senior, she looks forward to taking college freshman English classes. My rising sophomore excels in language skills, and I inquired if it would be possible for her to take a class. Although their policy says classes are for junior and senior students, I was told that it would be possible! 

My sophomore plans to take English 101 alongside her sister this fall. She has already taken the ACT and scored well in language and reading, and I supplied this information unofficially to the college while inquiring about her enrollment. We are hoping that both children are challenged yet supported in this class. 

Dual enrollments don’t usually allow instructor choice, so class experience differs widely. Still, dual enrollment options are available if your students are ready and if you do your research.  While my experience is confined to WVU Tech, I hope that you have a great experience should you pursue dual enrollment.”  

Mrs. B in Morgantown WV

Editor’s Note:  There are a growing number of online dual enrollment options for homeschoolers across the state. For example, Concord University recently released information about their offerings. Even out-of-state colleges offer courses for WV students.  Do you have experience with in-person or online dual enrollment courses? If you have a different perspective with helpful pointers or information, we would be happy to receive an article draft at  

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