Preparing for the 2018 Legislative Session

by | Oct 28, 2017 | Legislative, News

John Carey, Roger Sherman, and Lesley Oxley met at the Capitol in mid-October to make plans for the upcoming 2018 Legislative Session scheduled to commence on January 10th.  CHEWV’s Legislative Team discussed the following:

  • removal of the requirement that homeschooled students take the GED/TASC test to qualify to apply for the Promise Scholarship;
  • Driver’s License parental confirmation of enrollment and progress;
  • Tim Tebow bill; and
  • homeschoolers’ right to attend vocational school.

The latter bills were passed in both houses in 2017 but then vetoed by Governor Justice.

As CHEWV prepares for the upcoming session, we would like to hear from homeschoolers who are directly affected by any of these issues.  Please email comments to John Carey ( or private message CHEWV’s Facebook page.

Also, mark your 2018 calendars for Home School Day at the Capitol on January 16th.  Plan to take part, meet your senators and delegates, and observe politics in action.  Freedom is fragile.  Don’t take it for granted.


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