Having Difficulty Taking the TASC?

by | Oct 31, 2017 | Blog, High School, News, Testing, WV Law

Some students are having difficulty scheduling the TASC test to meet the PROMISE Scholarship deadlines.  Betty Jo Jordan, Executive Assistant to State Superintendent Payne, assures CHEWV that this form is all that is necessary to schedule the TASC requirements. 

The public form should be taken to the county Attendance Officer to complete and stamp.  The completed form is then used to make arrangements to take the TASC. 

CHEWV is working diligently on legislation that would remove the GED/TASC requirement from the PROMISE requisites.  Stay tuned to our media – website, social media, and e-newsletter – for updates through the 2018 Legislative Session which begins in January.  This is an ideal time to email your senator and delegates about this issue – before the session begins and distracts them.  Find contact information here.