Legislative Response to Abuse Case Expected

by | May 8, 2024 | News

In light of the tragic Kyneddi Miller death, versions of Raylee’s Law are again making news. Legislators have asked for the issue to be put on the special session agenda, meaning we may have less time for further consideration and preparation than we anticipated.

The question is certainly not whether to protect children! That is a given for everyone. The question is how best to keep children safe. CHEWV is praying about the fine line of safeguarding children being harmed in the school system, while also protecting children harmed by abusive parents/caregivers. 

The harm of children at home makes news. But at the same time, we must acknowledge that children can be unsafe at school. Truth be told,  parents also remove their children from school bullying situations, particularly when they have concerns that such situations are causing depression or even suicidal leanings (or indeed have already resulted in suicide attempts). Others flee abusive situations at the hands of school employees. Still others are protecting their children medically when needs include frequent appointments and/or medical isolation that can invite a charge of truancy. 

Given that the vast majority of parents are not abusive, how do we best retain the right of good parents to protect their children while still addressing the abuse situations? That is a difficult question, and one that requires wise forethought.

Removing parents’ rights to protect their own child is not something we take lightly. Above all, removing due process cannot be an option; it is hardly healthy to return to principles that brought us lynchings and Salem witch trials… 

Still, we are sympathetic to the needs at hand – both within and without the school system. Pray for us as we continue to confront this issue and seek viable solutions which CHEWV can promote and which honor the Christian values of defending the weak and vulnerable amongst us!