Is Homeschooling Right For Us?

Why do so many parents continue to homeschool when it captures all their time?  And how did they know what to do when they first started? 

Most of us started homeschooling on a “trial” basis, but before too long, the advantages won us over!  We began to see what it was like to educate without “school.”  To learn.  To know one another.  And to thrive. 

We left the bullying and age-segregation behind in favor of better influences, values, and family traditions. Rather than limiting our choices, homeschooling expanded them! Homeschoolers can enjoy the same types of social activities, school subjects, and even classroom learning that other students have – but only because we choose to, not because we have to. 

While the biggest strength of homeschooling might be the tailoring of education to each child’s needs, the ability to put all things – including education and worldview – under God’s Lordship is definitely the most important aspect that won most of us over.  For those of us who believe that He created everything, that “the fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge,” and that “eternity” extends beyond this world, homeschooling made us realize that those things should be recognized first and foremost when preparing our children for the “real world.”  We came to embrace the reality that the real world is the one where He is recognized.

But when we first started, we had a lot of learning to do, and choices to make.  While the WV law was the entry point, curriculum styles soon took precedence as we chose exactly how we would teach reading, language, math, science and social studies – the five subjects we pledge to teach our children in WV.  If you, too, are thinking about plunging into the waters of home education and are looking for more places to check out curriculum options/styles, we suggest:

You can also see a homeschool curriculum catalog at or  Regardless of whether you actually order there, they are good places to see the variety of resources available.

But if you are unfamiliar with the WV homeschooling law, you’ll want to go here first

Homeschooling opens up a whole, new beautiful world.  Relax, learn, and enjoy!

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