I Am Concerned About My Child’s Education

by | May 28, 2020 | Articles, Homeschool Basics, Quarantine

Many parents, who have suddenly found themselves as their child’s new schoolteacher, have reached out to CHEWV with concerns.  While homeschooling parents made a thought-out decision to take on the full responsibility of their child’s education, these parents have been thrown into the midst of a very confusing situation!

During the past week a video was released showing how schools might operate this fall.  Far from comforting, the video showed a school with no gym, no playground, and no cafeteria.  Further, on May 12th, ABC News shared a video of Dr. Anthony Fauci warning a Senate subcommittee that opening schools was a bridge too far.

This possible future leaves parents confused, scared, and wondering what to do. You want your child to receive a solid education.  You want your child healthy and happy.  YOU may now be the only solution to these issues.  And we understand…you didn’t plan on this.

It’s important to remember that what you have been doing the past few months is nothing like homeschooling.  

You have been given public-school-at-home schedules, check-off lists, timeframes, and more that left you feeling understandably overwhelmed.  Meeting someone else’s pace is never easy!  Instead, homeschooling uses methods which promote a love of learning, tailored to each student’s individual speed.

So, we encourage you to relax for a bit.  We want to assure you that there are many, many resources available to provide your child with a solid education – with a good mix of sanity! You have a few months to look at the world of homeschooling and even try it out over the summer. For example, you might grab some books about birds, get a feeder or two, and spend some time watching and learning. Soon, you will be amazed at how one small beginning can keep branching out, growing into a world of learning where each child progresses differently.  Your student may fly through literature books and struggle with math – not everyone can master quantum theory!  But as you take small learning steps, knowledge will build and confidence will be gained.          

WV homeschoolers are diverse: single income families, two income families, single moms, special needs families.  Some families spend thousands on education, while some spend very little.  Do we see a different learning result?  NO.  The main factor in learning success is the involvement of the family.  

Ultimately, while some may find it easier to continue a real homeschool program with the parent directing the learning, others may choose to stay with programs/solutions the public school offers.  Know that if you do decide to give homeschooling a try, CHEWV is here to help

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