2020 Golden Horseshoe Winners Announced

by | Jun 16, 2020 | Blog, News

The 2020 winners of the Golden Horseshoe Test have been announced.  We are aware that at least two winners are homeschoolers.  Conner Wilford from Hampshire County and John Summers from Clay County are homeschoolers who have achieved this WV honor.  Congratulations!

Since winners are identified by the school through which they tested, we’d love your help in identifying other homeschooled winners.

Want your 8th grader to participate next year?  CHEWV’s series of articles explains West Virginia’s Golden Horseshoe program and the various ways to prepare for the test.  We also have a limited number or textbooks and an unlimited supply of WV History resources available to CHEWV members.  For more information about members resources, email Wendy at members@chewv.org.