DMV Issue Arises

by | Feb 8, 2022 | News

When one of our CHEWV board members accompanied her son to get his learner’s permit, DMV employees not only insisted she use their own form but also stipulated she include a parent ID number, which is not required by law.
Later, she called the DMV and was passed up the chain of command. When no satisfactory help was forthcoming even after she quoted the law’s requirements, her next step was to call attorney Mike Donnelly of HSLDA, an option that we recommend all parents have in their arsenal. Stay tuned for the results.
If you are not yet an HSLDA member, we encourage you to join. Not only will you have assistance such as this mom enjoyed, but you’ll have access to homeschool consultants who can help with everyday issues including special needs and high school credits. CHEWV members receive an HSLDA discount, so join CHEWV first if you haven’t already. You can join both organizations for the same price as joining HSLDA alone – and the discount code will be available immediately from your CHEWV member confirmation email.
Note: prior to 2018, homeschooled students were required to obtain proof of both homeschool status and satisfactory progress from their county’s attendance officer, which was often time-consuming and difficult. These improvements in the requirements are examples of the work done by CHEWV, along with HSLDA and others, on behalf of WV families. We appreciate the show of support when you become a member.