Begin the School Year with Graduation in Mind

by | Aug 9, 2023 | Articles, Graduation

It’s never too early to think about graduation! It will be the culmination of all you and your family have invested in and devoted yourselves to for years.

CHEWV was proud to celebrate the commencement of twelve homeschool graduates at this year’s graduation ceremony, held on May 6th at Jewel City Church in Meadowbrook, WV. Traditionally, the ceremony begins with a touching slideshow of photos which display the milestones of each of the graduates through their childhood years. Reflecting on God’s goodness and faithfulness while beholding a boy or girl mature in the course of about a dozen photos brings tears to many eyes. And just ask any parent of these graduates — they’ll tell you, “It went so fast! It’s hard to believe we have reached the end of our homeschool journey.”

There is something special about parents presenting a diploma to their own daughter or son that sets CHEWV’s homeschool graduation apart. Guests and attendees hear parents lovingly highlight their child’s character and achievements, or perhaps their courage and determination to overcome obstacles. Other participants simply stick to a hug that says it all. The parents frequently express appreciation and even praise to God for their decision to homeschool. And grateful graduates often thank their moms and dads for choosing to educate them at home, where they could tackle their weaknesses, develop their strengths, and pursue their passions. Sometimes there are tears, though never tears of sorrow! They are tears of joy, for during the swiftly passing years families grow closer together, hearts often grow closer to the Lord, and many students testify to the truth of God’s Word guiding their daily lives. Labor worth completing and time well spent!

 Homeschooling isn’t easy, but it is inestimably rewarding. No matter what age your child is this school year, be 100% assured that the time and effort you invest in his or her education, as well as your relationship, will never be regretted when one day your own son or daughter is also wearing a cap and gown. What do you hope they will say about their homeschool experience? What will you be glad that you taught them?  As you are planning for the school year, begin with the end in mind! If you need ideas and encouragement, please save the date for the 2024 CHEWV graduation ceremony to be held on May 18, 2024, at Gassaway Baptist Church. For more information, visit

CHEWV thanks Laurel Hill, photographer and homeschool mom, for these photos of this year’s graduation ceremony.

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