Visit Living History Sites This Summer

by | Jun 7, 2023 | Articles, Featured Articles

There’s nothing quite like experiencing living history.

These hands-on immersion experiences are fantastic for learning and elicit the very best types of conversations. Whether sparking discussion about slavery, liberty, or progress, visits to the past via experiences make textbook information come alive. Movies don’t compare!

Having just returned from Colonial Williamsburg, we can highly recommend the presentations from historical re-enactors; visits to tradesmen like blacksmiths, tinsmiths, and milliners; and tours of the Capitol, governor’s palace, and other historical houses. At Williamsburg you can also pet the sheep, take a carriage ride, or even visit nearby Busch Gardens Amusement Park. Stay in an official hotel (tickets included) and use the pool, play miniature golf, or expend energy on the playground. It’s an incredible experience whatever you choose to do!

Recent world events have hit these historical sites hard. Visitors and income are down, and the pressure to rewrite history is real. There’s no guarantee that these national and state educational opportunities will always be available to our families. You can support these sites by showing up and sharing your experiences with others!

Williamsburg is but one nearby attraction. West Virginians are blessed to be a day’s driving distance from an array of historical sites! From our own Prickett’s Fort, Arthurdale and Blennerhassett Island to Jamestown, Fort Necessity, and Monticello, the possibilities are numerous. Support these incredible museums while enriching your children’s historical understanding!

Can’t travel? You can start here with virtual tours:

After you take your trip, send CHEWV a short piece about the fun – and why others should give it a go. You might find your story in a future newsletter!

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