NEW DIRECTIVE for Assessments

by | Jun 8, 2023 | Featured Articles, News, Testing

A new directive from the WV Department of Education relating to Hope students could also impact privately-funded homeschoolers. According to the WVDE, only “actual results from the testing company” will be accepted for Hope students taking a nationally normed standardized test for their annual academic evaluation. It remains unclear whether privately-funded students will be impacted. This past Tuesday, a representative of the WVDE advised that CHEWV’s County Report form would not be accepted for Hope students.

We do not know how easily counties will be able to distinguish between assessment submissions for Hope scholarship students versus traditional homeschoolers. However, the directive leaves room for privately-funded homeschoolers to also be affected.

CHEWV’s County Report has been accepted statewide for privately-funded homeschoolers for over 30 years. Its intent is to help families (and counties) understand whether students have made acceptable progress according to the standards of WV code. Additionally, we do not want families to have to submit more information than is required by law unless they voluntarily do so.

If you are a privately-funded homeschooler who tested with CHEWV and the county rejects your CHEWV report, please let us know.

To summarize, CHEWV reports will not be accepted for Hope families this year.

For privately-funded homeschoolers, assessments must be performed every year, but results only need to be submitted to the county for grades 3, 5, 8, and 11. The submission deadline is June 30th for private homeschoolers schooling under 18-8-1(c)(2).  

CHEWV is committed to assisting homeschool families; please contact or with any submission questions.