Soaring Higher Than School

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In the day-to-day of homeschooling, it’s easy to lose perspective. But summer has come, the sun is shining, and it’s time to lift our homeschool sights higher!

Homeschooling may include college and career. It could involve scholarships and all A’s and B’s. But that’s not all that life is about! Being successful in life doesn’t begin or end with our GPA, our career, or our income.

Allow homeschooling to give way to home education, then take it another step to home discipleship. That merely means that we can learn to see past “school” to prepare our children for all of life – and beyond!

While most homeschool parents narrow their scope to “school” subjects, true success in life includes character, godliness, submission to authority, handling money with integrity, and many other things. These things are as important, perhaps more important, than academics.

We’re not speaking here of deciding between doing a good job with academics versus teaching character and godliness. Rather, we start with character and godliness and build academics on that. A student who is honest and diligent will do better academically than one who is poorly motivated and requires tiring effort on the part of the parent just to complete minimal assignments.

So, all of these are nice words, but what is the practical application? For now, let’s start with a foundational Scripture.

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge.

Repeated two other times in the Bible, this truth is obviously important and foundational. Let’s look at this verse in three small pieces.

  1.  The fear of the Lord…

The word “fear” here is not the same as “frightened of.” This “fear” is showing great respect or honor. Realizing who God is, being in awe of how big and powerful He is. More to the point, it’s recognizing that God is Creator – not just of the earth and the things in it – but He is also the Creator of math, science and language! God permeates absolutely everything, including every school subject!

2.  …is the beginning…

We can’t even begin to be educated without the fear of the Lord. If we’re building on any other foundation, it will ultimately crumble.

Knowledge, like everything else, begins and ends with God. He is the alpha and omega, the beginning and the end.

3. …of knowledge.

We can’t know anything without God. In Him all things exist and have their being. All things exist in Christ, and nothing stands apart from Him. There’s not a subject called “Bible” and then everything else is the same as the school down the street. The truth is that your math and your science should be about God, too!  Because He is the Creator of math, science, and language, the study of each one helps us understand more about Him.

For example, math teaches us how orderly God is. The laws of nature (science) teach that as well.  When we learn in physics that every action has an equal and opposite reaction, this echoes God’s emphasis in His Word that our personal actions and words have consequences.

In fact, absolutely nothing we do – whether sports, piano lessons, math, or washing the dishes – is separate from God. We do all to His glory and all in obedience to Him. That includes how we get up in the morning, how we do school, and how we talk to one another.


It must start with you…

As recorded in Luke 6, Jesus said, “A student will be like his teacher.” Since you are the teacher, the degree to which you fear the Lord will largely determine your students’ regard and respect for Him.

Practically speaking, then, your children won’t grasp and operate in the fear of the Lord – His magnificence, majesty, love, grace and mercy – until you do. God gives you the privilege of teaching your child what is of value. Ask yourself, “Do I realize how great God is?”

Take time to notice the beauty of nature; count your blessings; be grateful for the food on your table and the roof over your head. Instead of always seeing what is wrong in the world, see God’s hand of mercy and grace! When you falter or fall, run to the One who loves and is always merciful. By doing this, you will be teaching your children to do the same – to appreciate God’s goodness and abundance, to value transparency and trust, and to value the power of forgiveness!

When parents realize that education is ALL about God, it changes our homeschooling! It transforms our lives! Your children may not say anything; they probably won’t. But it will make a difference! Your children will notice!

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge.

If you’ve lost sight of our great Creator and Savior, seek out a mountain vista, a majestic waterfall, a roaring thunderstorm, or a tranquil brook, and consider the Almighty God who made these things. For it is written in Romans 1:20 that God’s invisible qualities, His eternal power and divine nature, can be clearly seen by what He has made.

THAT is the glorious, redemptive God that can do mighty things through your homeschooling efforts! Think much bigger than “school.” Lift your thoughts and lives to Him! Summer is the perfect time to gain perspective!

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