Planning for 2022-23

by | Jun 9, 2022 | Articles

June is an ideal month to plan for the following school year. With possibilities fresh on your mind and sunny days entertaining the kids, it’s time to wrap up one year and make exciting plans for the next. Once planning is done, you can relax through July.

Simply sign up for our newsletter (home page sidebar) to get our FREE Homeschool Planner Starter Pack – an ideal tool to use!  It includes:

  • Our Homeschool Vision page. Whether you’re creating or refining your vision, it’s the higher purpose that provides perspective when the going gets tough. A review of vision leads to priorities and goals for the coming year.
  • Praying For Our Homeschool with Scriptures in the margin to establish the daily prayer that undergirds the whole year – daily prayer that ideally starts right now and then continues seamlessly into the school year.

After the vision is set and prayer habits are established, the practical planning begins.

  • The Notice of Intent Record provides a place to note NOI submissions for all of your children as they become of compulsory age. (The compulsory age flow chart helps you determine when that is.) This particular worksheet is not applicable after your youngest has been listed on a NOI, but it remains a good record to keep on file.
  • WV’s 5 Subjects is a good starter worksheet because it lists plans for the required subjects. As these are the core subjects, it’s wise to make a solid, thoughtful outline of the resources you intend to use.
  • Next, the Course of Study worksheet provides room for both the core and elective subjects.
  • Finally, if you detail your plans in advance, move on to the Yearly Plan worksheet.

The Starter Pack is available free when you sign up for the newsletter on the homepage. If you’ve already signed up, it’s not a problem to sign up again. Constant Contact will eliminate duplicates to the same email address.

Join CHEWV for additional planning pages in the CHEWV member resources.  There you’ll find Daily Assignment Sheets, High School Course Descriptions worksheet, a Reading List printable, and more.

Happy planning!

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