Revised Notice Forms from CHEWV

by | May 8, 2024 | News

CHEWV has recently updated our Notice of Intent to homeschool and our Notice to Terminate Home Instruction forms.  

We received a call from the state Department of Education asking if we would differentiate public versus private school on our termination notice. This slight change will help them connect the notice with a given child’s future school records. (Previously, intent to attend public or private school was a combined choice.) 

We also added an optional field to notify whether students are returning to public school to satisfy the 45-day requirement before applying to the Hope Scholarship. This, too, can help public school administrators anticipate future needs. But, since it constitutes a departure from that which is explicitly required by law, we left that optional.

Thirdly, we added a disclaimer on both notices. Unlike our test score report, our notice forms are for parents’ use, so CHEWV neither verifies nor endorses the information therein. 

Find all of our forms and templates under “Resources.” CHEWV forms are offered to make it simple to 1) know and 2) comply with the law’s requirements.