Public School Re-Entry

by | Aug 19, 2021 | Legislative, News

A new law, HB2785, passed in the 2021 session and effective last month, affects homeschooled students who are returning to public school.

The latter part of section (e) states, “A transcript or other credential provided by a public school program, private school program, homeschool program or HOPE scholarship program shall be accepted by a public school in this state as a record of a student’s previous academic performance for the purposes of placement and credit assignment.” [bold emphases added]

Derek Lambert, Ed.D., of the WV Department of Education, explains, “We have told counties they are required to accept all work (k-8) and/or credits (9-12) from home school if the parent is able to produce a transcript or other educational record. The only caveat being if public schools do not offer a specific course, that course would not be transcribed but would remain part of their permanent record.”

Since this law is new, Lambert has offered to help homeschoolers who experience difficulties. He can be reached at

CHEWV would like to hear from families who are affected by this law and have (or don’t have) success with re-entry to public school. Send a brief recap to