Montani Semper Liberi – Elections Have Consequences

by | Apr 15, 2015 | News

by John Carey – CHEWV’s Legislative Liaison

One of the most important messages that can come from this last session for Home Educators is that elections have consequences.

Just take a look at the sponsors of the Diploma Fairness bill:
Senator Karnes – Newly-elected State Senator – homeschooling father and lead sponsor of SB 447
Senator Boley – Longtime supporter of homeschooling and home school grandmother
Senator Gaunch – Newly-elected State Senator and homeschooling grandfather
Senator Leonhardt – Newly-elected State Senator – endorsed by WV Home School PAC in the 2014 election.

We deeply appreciate the support of these state senators and the exceptional stand they took on behalf of West Virginia homeschooling families!  Now for the first time West Virginia parents will be able to grant their homeschool graduate a diploma that is regarded as equivalent to other high school diplomas in WV.  Here is part of what SB 447 says:

A person who administers a program of secondary education at a . . . home school that meets the requirements of this chapter may issue a diploma or other appropriate credential to a person who has completed the program of secondary education.  Such diploma or credential is legally sufficient to demonstrate that the person meets the definition of having a high school diploma or its equivalent.  No state agency or institution of higher learning in this state may reject or otherwise treat a person differently solely on the grounds of the source of such a diploma or credential.

It is unfortunate that the Governor decided to Veto the Home School Promise Scholarship Bill and the Home School Modernization Bill. Now that we understand that the Governor is opposed to expanding homeschooling freedoms further and bringing West Virginia into alignment with the vast majority of states, we will need to encourage the passage of these two bills early in the 2016 session so his veto may be overridden.