Legislative Update March 10, 2021

by | Mar 10, 2021 | Legislative, News

When families flourish, communities flourish. For families to flourish, parents must have the freedom to do what they believe before God to be best for their children.

Homeschool-related bills progressing this year include vocational school enrollment as well as alternate college testing.

CHEWV and HSLDA have worked diligently over the years to ensure that the homeschool exemption has not been modified or combined with other legislative efforts meant to improve the public school system. These efforts have enabled freedoms to be maintained for those of us who simply want to homeschool and do what we know to be best for our children.

Legislative Overview of Homeschool-Related Bills

HB 2529 – Prohibiting West Virginia institutions of higher education from discriminating against graduates of private, nonpublic or home schools by requiring them to submit to alternative testing.


Passed the House of Delegates and has been sent to the Senate.
“State institutions of higher education may not require a person who has obtained a diploma or other appropriate credentialing from private, nonpublic, or home schooling, and who has acceptable test results on ACT, SAT or other tests recognized by the institution of higher education which would qualify the person for admission, to submit to alternate testing as a condition of admission.”

HB2791 – Relating to enrollment and costs of homeschooled or private school students at vocational schools

SPONSORS: Higginbotham, Kelly, J., Wamsley, Longanacre, Horst, Clark, Griffith, Kimble, Tully

Passed the House of Delegates and has been sent to the Senate.
County boards of education shall permit students who are homeschooled or attend private schools to enroll and take classes at the county’s vocational schools, if any are provided and as capacity allows, at no expense or cost greater than expenses or costs normally charged to public school students: Provided, That if a homeschool or private school student is not permitted to enroll in a county vocational school, the county shall notify the parent or guardian of the student in writing and a copy of the written notification shall also be sent to the West Virginia Department of Education.

Other Educational Bills

HB 2012 – Related to public charter schools

SPONSORS: Clark, Kimble, Higginbotham, Wamsley, Espinosa

Passed both Houses and has been sent to the Governor.
House Bill 2012 would allow 10 charter schools to be approved in a three-year period in West Virginia. The legislation also lays the groundwork for two virtual charters that would each be allowed to enroll up to 5 percent of the state’s student population. Added together, that could potentially amount to 10 percent of public-school enrollment, roughly 26,000 students.

HB 2013 – The Hope Scholarship

SPONSORS: Higginbotham, Summers, Hanna, Pinson, Wamsley, Kimble, Jeffries, D., Espinosa, Clark, Horst

Passed the House of Delegates and has been sent to the Senate.
House Bill 2013 provides funds to eligible recipients for personal education accounts (ESA’s) to be used for qualifying education expenses which all must be approved by a board of 9 individuals, including three parents. Up to $4,600 would be placed in an ESA account controlled by the State Treasurer to be used for approved educational expenses, such as for private schools, or other approved programs, such as tuition, textbooks, and other services. Funds are not given directly to parents but only to approved providers.

The success of homeschooling in West Virginia and throughout the country, has demonstrated the educational and societal benefits of parents who invest in their children. God’s model for society is the one that works best! We should be thankful that there are those in public office that understand this.

Since we are only halfway through the session, let us remain vigilant and pray for state legislators as they seek to protect our freedoms. Click here for legislative resources to assist you in both understanding legislation and contacting your state representatives.