Follow these steps in preparing your entry for the festival and to assure that everything is ready for the big day!

1.  Practice, practice, practice…

  • Music – practice timing, dynamics, expression, stage presence…
  • Speech – practice diction, tone, clarity, expression, stage presence…
  • Art – did you get the best angle, exposure, presentation, subject matter?

2.  Read all the guidelines – guidelines are closely followed and disqualification can occur.

3.  Assure all materials are obtained

  • Music – original music is required – copies are not accepted.  If the music is a computer download it must be clearly marked as such – source, etc.  Two  copies must also be presented with the measures numbered and any changes noted.
  • Speech – provide original of selection (book, download with source clearly marked, etc.).  Provide two copies of the selection for the judges.
  • Art – Artist’s Idea Statement or Photography Idea Statement is completed (below).  Assure artwork follows guidelines for presentation (matted/framed/etc.).   A 3 x 5 card is prepared to label entry.



4.  Date of Festival

  • Assure schedule is clear of other activities – this is an all day event
  • Art entries MUST be delivered to the facility the day BEFORE the actual festival by 11:00 a.m.  No exceptions.

5.  Choose clothing according to guidelines