A Profitable Meeting With the State DOE

by | Nov 3, 2021 | News

Representing CHEWV and CHEWV families, John Carey recently joined Kathie Crouse of the WVHEA and Mike Donnelly of the HSLDA in a meeting with Dr. Clayton Burch, State Superintendent of Schools, along with four others from the WV DOE.

John Carey, our Legislative Liaison, was pleased with the respectful communication and open dialog during the October 18th meeting. In fact, CHEWV has been pleased with an increasingly positive relationship with state DOE officials over the past couple years or more.

This particular gathering, centered around several discussion points, included a proposed page on the WVDOE website to provide accurate homeschooling information. Besides answering common questions, Carey suggested the page provide specifics about how accepting the PROMISE scholarship, participating in sports, and taking classes in the public school system could affect how homeschoolers are regulated. He also proposed forming an advisory group with representatives from CHEWV, WVHEA, and HSLDA to review the page. Carey felt that his recommendations, as well as those from Donnelly and Crouse, were well-received.

A positive relationship with the state DOE has proven helpful when CHEWV addresses issues parents have had at the county level. We appreciate the candor and commitment to accuracy that the Superintendent and his staff have offered over the past several months.

For a more detailed synopsis of the meeting with context, read Donnelly’s report here.

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