Legislative Bills of Interest

by | Jan 27, 2016 | News

As the WV Legislature continues to meet, CHEWV has identified several enrolled Bills that may be of interest to our members.

SB 292 Creating income tax credits for certain educational expenses – is sponsored by Senator Robert Karnes.  It would allow a $500 credit per homeschool student.  This bill is currently in the Finance Committee.

The Tim Tebow Bill has been introduced by Senators Charles Trump and Ed Gaunch.  SB 105  allowing a nonpublic school student to participate in public school athletics is currently in Education and Judiciary Committees.

There are several other Bills that may be of interest to various groups of our members.  These Bills are currently in different phases of the legislative process and can be read on the WV Legislature’s Bill Status link.

SB 10/HB 4004                              Unborn Child Protection Act

SB 11/HB4012                               Freedom of Conscious Act

HB 2870                                          Tax Credit for Parents (Do not Confuse with Bill mentioned above)

HB 2942                                          Modify the Definition of Child Abuse

HB 4018                                          Incentive for Public School to Make Facilities Available After Hours

HB 4024                                          Prohibiting Use of Smarter Balance (Common Core)