2022 Testing Registration Q&A

by | Jan 11, 2022 | Uncategorized

Are we testing with CHEWV or BJUP this year?
Short answer: CHEWV
Long answer: BJUP Testing and Evaluation has been CHEWV’s test distributor for over two decades. But because of changes to their process, this year they are hosting a CHEWV Parent Portal where CHEWV families complete the last phase of registration.
Is there a difference between ordering through CHEWV's Parent Portal and ordering directly from BJ?

Yes.  To register for CHEWV Testing, you must register through CHEWV’s Parent Portal. (Note “Christian Home Educators of WV” under the “Parent Portal” at the top.)

If we order on the main BJU Press ordering page, are we testing with CHEWV?
No. We understand that it’s easy to pop over to other BJUP pages from the Parent Portal, but it’s important to actually register through our unique link – found on the CHEWV Step 1 confirmation screen or in the confirmation email.
What is the difference in testing with CHEWV?
  • There’s no financial difference.  The cost of the tests is identical. 
  • But when you test with CHEWV, 
    • you are helping the homeschool legislative effort by participating in CHEWV’s group scores.
    • you receive CHEWV’s WV-specific score reports  for your records and for submission to the county in the required years.
    • you have the option of testing with others at CHEWV Test Centers.
    • we ensure that the test you use meets the requirements of the WV code.  (BJU Press offers options that don’t.)
What if I think that I messed up registration?
Don’t panic :-).  Becky Price, CHEWV’s Testing Director, is a wealth of information and help.  Simply contact her at testing@chewv.org and she’ll be happy to assist.

Note: Because previous IT options were eliminated, this year CHEWV families must complete the final leg of testing registration on the distributor’s site. We apologize for the inconvenience and covet your patience until we can work out these issues for next year.