WVUP Hosts Science Labs for Homeschoolers

by | Apr 4, 2019 | College, High School, News

Since lab sciences are prerequisite for college admissions, CHEWV was delighted that WVUP willingly offered high school level science labs to homeschoolers last month.  Here’s the icing on the cake:  they offered the labs, with materials, at no charge!  

In March, several families took advantage of the “Home School Day” held at WVUP’s campus in Parkersburg for 8th-12th graders and their parents.  Following a career-exploration program, tours, and free lunch, both biology and chemistry labs were offered in the afternoon. 

Paula Lemley, a Morgantown homeschooling mom and CHEWV member who took her three oldest to the event, raved about the program.  “I wish we lived closer.  They are offering Early College – really a dual enrollment.  My kids would be able to take classes, earn college credits, and get a ‘feel’ for college.”  While she is aware of dual enrollment courses at WVU, she explains, “This campus is nice and small.”  Small classes with personable instructors can serve as a valuable transition before attending a larger university.  

Enthusiastically affirming that her family would participate if they offer labs again next year, Paula expressed a desire for other colleges/universities to follow suit.  “This Parkersburg campus is really reaching out to the homeschool community.  I wish FSU and WVU would do the same.”

And so do we.  CHEWV would like to see more colleges around the state reach out to homeschoolers and provide science labs as an incentive to take campus tours and listen to college presentations.  Career-oriented labs were offered by the West Virginia Junior College Bridgeport campus in 2015, co-hosted and fully supported by CHEWV.  We are more than willing to lend our support to any college that would consider hosting labs because we hope this becomes a trend across the state.


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