WV BOE Policy 2510

by | Sep 7, 2020 | News

Back in January, CHEWV shared comments we offered on a WV BOE draft policy during its public comment period. 

BOE Policy 2510 is now finalized. Page 40 contains the homeschool policy:

CBEM* shall develop a policy for the process of enrolling a home school student into a public school. Students entering the county in grades K‑8 may join their age appropriate cohort, or the county may utilize a combination of methods to determine appropriate placement.   For high school students the county may choose to use testing or other methods for placing the student in the grade level deemed most appropriate or for issuance of credits. The final decision of acceptance of high school credits while homeschooling will be at the discretion of the county.

Page 29 may be of interest to some.  Although homeschoolers are free to use any grading scale they desire, the non-weighted grading scale for WV public schools is:

Average Grade Quality Points

90-100 A 4.0

80-89 B 3.0

70-79 C 2.0

60-69 D 1.0

On the same page, 9.1.h.2 indicates that Dual Credit courses will begin to earn weighted credit beginning with the 2020-21 9th grade cohort.  The weighted scale used in public schools is:

Average Grade Quality Points

90-100 A 5.0

80-89 B 4.0

70-79 C 3.0

60-69 D 2.0

Note that Dual Credit courses are annually reviewed by the WVDE and approved by the WVHE.  Dual Credit courses that align with graduation requirements are documented by the BOE and credit is issued accordingly  (page 41).

Again, homeschool parents may or may not use the same grading scale as the public school.  And certainly, our courses – including Dual Credit courses – are usually geared for what comes after high school, with our scales and records reflecting that higher standard.  Still, knowing the peer expectations of other WV students can be helpful information when making decisions.

  • CBEM:  County Board of Education members