Where Are My CHEWV Test Scores?

by | May 26, 2021 | News

UPDATE 5/31/2021:

Electronic scores have been released (via email) to parents of students who tested with CHEWV. County/Progress Reports will be coming in the mail within the next few days.

If you tested with CHEWV but have not received your electronic score email, contact Becky at testing@chewv.org.

Test Centers and private testers use paper tests that must be scored by machine or hand. To keep costs as low as possible, all CHEWV paper tests are scored together. This year, in an effort to please, we extended our testing window to include later date options. This means that the last of CHEWV’s paper tests (a record number of them) have been to our scoring service only a couple weeks. That time delay for sorting and scoring a large batch of tests is neither surprising nor unexpected. Scores should be released any time. And when they are, all test center and private families will receive an email from BJU Press Testing & Evaluation and will have immediate access to their official reports online.

Conversely, online tests can be scored separately because the answers are – online. That would by be why online testers get their scores more quickly. While this might seem an advantage, there are pros and cons to both online and paper testing.

All CHEWV County Reports (3rd, 5th, 8th, 11th) and Progress Reports will be processed at once. These will be mailed to parents in time to submit County Reports by June 30. Unlike the publisher score reports, these will be physically mailed. Parents should wait to receive these before submitting scores to the county for the four required grade levels.

While we realize that many testing families are new to homeschooling, it was not so many years ago that online testing and even electronic scores were unavailable to homeschoolers. Then, all test scores were received in late May or early June. Next year we may return to an earlier testing window, but for this year, we were able to help many more new families who weren’t expecting to test so early in the year.

CHEWV is pleased to provide a testing option that not only satisfies all the criteria of the WV law, but also gives parents assessment results that go beyond the law’s requirements. Used properly, test results can be one of many measures of a child’s progress. CHEWV’s multiple reports together provide parents with valuable insight.

Finally, testing with CHEWV is a small but important way to help keep homeschooling free and legal. Group scores (without personal identifiers) help our legislative effort substantially. Thank you!