Wait! Does That Test Meet WV Code?

by | Mar 6, 2018 | News, Testing, WV Law

While the myriad of testing choices available to parents may offer more flexibility, they come with an equal dose of responsibility.  Recent ads to WV families have promoted online and traditional versions of the Stanford test – some of which do not meet state code.  The Comprehensive Testing Program (CTP) is also advertised, but appears not to offer the five required subjects.

The testing assessment option in the state code requires a nationally-normed standardized test published or normed within the previous 10 years.  It must provide scores for five subjects:  reading, language, mathematics, science and social studies.  Further, it must be administered under the standardized instructions given by the publisher.

Though it is the parent’s responsibility to ensure that any assessment they use meets WV code, CHEWV is here to help!  Not only do we provide a testing service and do all the work to ensure the tests meet WV requirements, but we’re also here to answer questions about other assessment options. 

Our testing program is  a non-profit service, so we have no reason to discourage you from using other options. However, we do have an interest in educating families to ensure they choose tests that meet state code – both to protect individual families and to protect the homeschool freedom of all.

Even if a county does not notice the first year a test doesn’t meet code, it’s still a hazard to all homeschoolers if families mistakenly test using outdated materials.  When a test’s obsolescence becomes known, it immediately casts negative attention on homeschooling and is fodder to call for greater regulation.  Please help us pass the word so that everyone is compliant!

Remember that your state organizations exist to serve homeschoolers and help them meet the legal requirements to homeschool in WV.  Contact testing@chewv.org with any questions.  Click to read about assessment options or to read over the WV code.  To support CHEWV by joining, click here.

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