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…New Edition of the Textbook, and a Field Trip!

~the 4th in a series of articles~
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The new edition of West Virginia: 150 Years of Statehood has arrived! We have looked through the new book and most of the changes are superficial. As expected, some chapters have been reordered, and statistical information has been updated. But no worries – you can find these statistical updates in our Google Drive file for each chapter.  Access to this file is available for CHEWV members – just email

Since a strong multicultural theme now runs through the book, the Google Drive file also includes links for corresponding information from the e-WV encyclopedia.  After looking through the book, though, we concluded that the older version is more than adequate for our students to study West Virginia history and even prepare to take the Golden Horseshoe test, if they are so inclined.

In addition, we have researched some video resources that will benefit auditory and visual learners. Only one of these resources, West Virginia A Film History, requires purchase (if it can’t be found in your local library).  We include it because it is an excellent resource! The rest are links that can be viewed for free.

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