Time Out for Tim Tebow Bill

by | Feb 4, 2016 | News, Sports

February 4, 2016

SB 105 (Tim Tebow Bill) was discussed today in the Senate Education Committee. Members of the committee heard homeschooler, Beth Penn, speak on behalf of WV homeschoolers and then the Executive Director of the SSAC gave his reasons for opposition of the bill. The SSAC voiced two main concerns: assuring that the homeschoolers would meet the 2.0 eligibility rule and the lack of public school funding.


The SSAC did not believe that homeschoolers would be able to convincingly prove students were eligible based on a homeschool transcript. The Executive Director was joined by a representative from the WVDOE who affirmed that public schools only get funding for students who attend. Therefore, providing equipment, transportation, etc. for a homeschool student would be a financial burden on the school.

Senator Plymale asked for recommendations to be presented that would enable the home school student to participate in public school athletics using the same criteria as public school students.  He stated that homeschoolers are WV citizens and should be given the chance to participate.

The Chair, Senator Sypolt, agreed with Senator Plymale’s recommendation and requested that criteria be presented at the next Senate Education meeting. Senator Karnes made the point that home school parents pay not only for the education of their children but also for the sports program of their local high school, although they are prevented from participating in it.

No vote was taken. This was a very positive first meeting for the Tim Tebow bill.