New Member Resource: Annual Assessment Tracker

by | Mar 10, 2020 | News

As a free members-only resource, CHEWV will soon be sending our newly-created Annual Assessment Tracker to all our members.

While WV homeschooling families no longer need to submit assessment results to their County Board of Education every single year, assessments – either a standardized test or portfolio – ARE mandated annually by state law for each homeschooled student.  These yearly assessments must be kept on hand for three years for WV homeschool students.   Comparison year-to-year is necessary to know if either remediation or “additional evidence of appropriate instruction” is required in any given year.  Now, thanks to our new Annual Assessment Tracker form, it is easier than ever to determine that comparison!

The annual assessment is an important tool in the parents’ arsenal to help us know whether our children are progressing well.  As we compare this year’s assessment with the test scores or portfolio records of previous years, we get a long-view picture of strengths and weaknesses that can help us as we plan upcoming course content (curriculum).

Diligently keeping consistent, accurate records of our children’s progress is not only required by WV law and useful to parents, but it’s also a proactive weapon against those in power who may try to impose increased regulations or restrictions on us.  The 2020 WV Legislative Session (which ended for the year on March 7th), was marked by multiple threats to homeschooling freedom, mostly behind the scenes, due to a growing narrative that homeschooling families are irresponsible and dilatory.  This new resource is a simple, practical way to help us follow the law and keep good records.  We want to be above reproach!

 It’s a pleasure for CHEWV to provide resources to our faithful members – to help make your homeschool journey just a bit simpler.  This new tool is one of several member resources that we hope to offer in the upcoming months.  If you are a CHEWV member, watch for our new Annual Assessment Tracker form in your Inbox soon!