New Book Has Exciting Possibilities

by | Jan 5, 2017 | Legislative, News

West Virginia State Delegate Mike Azinger recently collaborated with the Providence Foundation to create The Bible: America’s Source of Law and Liberty, an exciting new project with the potential to impact thousands of state legislators and voters.  Inspired by Stephen McDowell, Azinger wanted to share McDowell’s nation-changing ideas with his fellow-legislators, each of whom received a copy of the book at the end of the 2016 session.

The book was so well received by members of the WV House and Senate that efforts are underway to put it into the hands of every state legislator in the U.S.  In fact, every American citizen who reads it can participate more effectively in choosing good and godly leaders.  Hard copies are available from the Providence Foundation, as well as a Kindle version on Amazon.  Both the Foreword and Introduction are free online.

CHEWV’s Legislative Liaison, John Carey, urges CHEWV families to not only read the book, but to consider sharing its contents. 

“With the revisionist view of American history dominating so much of the academic landscape, McDowell’s extensively researched work does an admirable job sorting the wheat from the chaff of historical confusion,” writes Robert Karnes, homeschool dad and CHEWV member, and WV Senator from the 11th District.  “He demonstrates how biblical lessons were incorporated into public thought, resulting in the unique American perspective that embraces God as the source of civil liberty.  From the founding of the colonies, to the drafting of the Declaration of Independence, and finally to the ratification of the U.S. Constitution, there can be no doubt:  American ideals were drawn from biblical principles by godly men.”

Donna Boley, WV State Senator from the 3rd District, concurs.  “It’s crucial for America to know its history.  How else are we to know who we are and the direction we are to take?  Stephen McDowell’s book is a well-spring of facts answering both of these questions.  He teaches our Christian history in its purest form.  I sincerely hope you will read it!”