New 2024 Resources!

by | Jan 11, 2024 | News

We are pleased to introduce two new resources!

First, our brand new workbook, ReThinking Education, is now available as a FREE download.  

Designed to be a study with your Bible in hand, reThinking Education will solidify your family’s education mission. Consider setting aside weekly time as a couple to work your way through this easy-to-read, short-chapter booklet.

Prefer a hard copy?  We should have those available within the next two weeks.

Second, watch the first of a series of new homeschool videos, Table Discussions! If you’d like ideas about how to run your homeschool more smoothly, join Amber Morris around her table as she and her guests discuss a variety of practical topics. Amber’s 30-second introduction plus the first table discussion with Sadie Dunn are available now!

As you begin a brand new year, we pray that both these resources are blessings to you!