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…of Christmas Past

by Kim Kincell

Once upon a time, long, long ago, we had little girls who squealed with delight when we drove through neighborhoods and found houses lit up with hundreds of Christmas lights.  Back then our girls “helped” make the Christmas cookies – so it took much longer! When the snow fell, we hunted thick gloves and old coats so they could build snowmen and ride on the sleds.  They came in with cherry noses and snowy boots that would hardly pull off!  In those days it was hard to get everything done…especially through the busy days of December.  Sometimes it seemed that we had just put the tree up and the little crèche figures out when it was time to pack them all away again!  And some years I felt like an ogre demanding that we keep up with school work, while other years we finished the season with some dreaded catch-up hanging over us.

But that was long, long ago…Our kids are grown now, and instead of Don and me diligently working to keep their eyes on the true Purpose of the season and averted from the commercialism, they now are busy with their own lives.  Our home has “grown up.”  It’s wonderful – just like it was then – but the seasons have truly changed. 

Out with the old year, in with the new!

January’s nearly here, December’s nearly through.

‘Though I don’t know where the time has gone, it obviously flew.

So, out with the old year, out with the old year, out with the old year, in with the new!

I like this fun little song from the girls’ childhood (sung by our favorite Adventures in Odyssey character, Eugene Meltsner) and the “time has gone, it obviously flew” seems truer every year.  As exhausting as many of the years of parenthood are, they are precious and fleeting.  When you invest in your children or teens and carefully persevere to disciple them, you reap the blessing of grown children who still keep you on your knees but also delight your heart!  The early days and years are certainly demanding; nevertheless, you are building memories and values for your children that are lasting.  These years are not short for them.  They comprise their childhood and lay the foundation for all that comes after. 

We didn’t come anywhere close to doing things perfectly and we have regrets like everyone does.  Nevertheless, God’s faithfulness to His people has been evident in our lives!  I encourage you to forego some of the busyness of this season to point your children to Christ.  The lasting Christmas light is the Light of the World.  May your family light up with His presence this season!

Besides teaching piano lessons and doing part-time bookkeeping, Kim serves on the CHEWV board along with her husband, Don.  After eighteen years of full-time homeschooling and graduating all three of their daughters, she has no regrets about their decision to home educate :-).  Kim loves to encourage other moms who are just now in the trenches with littles!

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