Daniel Powel

Daniel Powel

Daniel graduated from (homeschool) high school in 2009 and from West Virginia University in 2014.

Major:  Business Administration with a focus in Accounting.
Current position:  Cunningham Powell Alexander – an accounting firm in Morgantown

How did you prepare for college?
Since I knew I wanted to major in accounting, I pursued some high school accounting courses.

What was the college admission process like?
Both of my parents are WVU Alumni, so I had their help as I went through the process. My sister had been through the process just three years earlier, so that also helped. I was required to take the GED for the Promise Scholarship and had to get various immunization boosters before being accepted. Also, to determine what math class in which I should enroll as a freshman, I took the Quantitative Reasoning Assessment (QRA).

What advice do you have for other prospective college students?
Always introduce yourself to your professors. Get to know them and make sure that they know you; be sure they know you as one who is willing to learn and to work. When your professors know you, they are often more willing to assist you when unfortunate circumstances arise. For example, your professor may give you the quiz to take home because you are ill or allow you to schedule an alternate exam time because of scheduling conflicts.