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by | Jan 22, 2016 | HSDC, Legislative, News, WV Law

Home School Day At the Capitol (HSDC) – Special Briefing   Info Here!
From 9:00 to 10:00 a special briefing will be held where Senator Robert Karnes, Delegate Brain Kurcaba, CHEWV Legislative Liaison John Carey, and HSLDA Attorney Mike Donnelly will discuss the bills you should know about and provide a deeper understanding of the legislative process. Please come! This will truly be an educational event.

Modernization and Promise Bills Up for a Vote in House Education   Committee Schedule here.

The Promise Scholarship Bill is much different from last year. The GED requirement is not removed but is included simply as one of several available options.

The Home School Modernization Bill will address several provisions of the home school law that have needlessly created conflicts between authorities and home educators. Home schooling has proven to be a highly successful educational alternative. It is time that the home school law reflected this fact.

Rally for Religious Freedom on Thursday, January, 28th

A special site has been created to enable supporters of religious freedom to contact their legislators and express their support. All that is needed is a ZIP code to identify and send a customizable pre-created message.  Click Here!

The rally will be held at 2PM on the rear steps of the State Capitol. Private Christian School students as far away as the Panhandle are attending this event. Special speakers and music will be provided. This week could very well determine the future of this legislation. Please choose to take a stand for religious freedom – one of the two pillars that support our right to home school.

Active Legislation:
Home School Modernization Bill
HB 4175
SB 318
Home School Promise Scholarship Bill
HB 4215
SB 316
Tax Credits for Educational Expenses

SB 292

The Religious Freedom Restoration Act
SB 11


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