Let’s Have HSDC In the Spring!

We know what it’s like!  After early morning travel on precarious roads, we finally make it to Capitol parking – three blocks away!  The early February wind whips through our dress pants and sends shivers down to our freezing feet as we trudge to the Capitol entrance – far, far from where we parked. Why oh why did we ever decide to bring a display board when we had to carry it three blocks through the biting cold – while managing four children and a packed lunch? 

Because we are determined to defend our homeschooling freedom, no matter the cost!    

But why not hold this important event when the sun shines and the warm air beckons?  Because the West Virginia Legislative Session convenes each year on the second Wednesday of January and runs for 60 consecutive days.  That means January through early March – exactly in the coldest weeks of the Mountain State winter. 

As much as we would like to hold it on a more comfortable day, our aim is to educate and influence our legislators.  Slightly before mid-session is usually the ideal time for moving good legislation and derailing bad.

We’re not the only organization that vies for a day at the legislature, after all; competition for the “key” days is stiff. The scheduling fray for next year begins as soon as the legislative session ends this year. If we want to have a voice in Charleston, then we must defy the challenges of winter in order to influence those who have the power to restrict our freedom.

The 2019 Session is over. (While a special session has been called this year, it’s limited in scope and power.) Scheduling has begun for 2020, and we have reserved our date in mid-session. So begin planning the warm apparel you’ll need for Home School Day at the Capitol on February 4th. Let’s come out in droves with cherry noses and big smiles!