Can my student earn credits prior to 9th grade?
Yes! Starting too early to award credits may be frowned upon, but certainly in the 7th-8th grade credits can be earned.
Can my student just take the GED/TASC & finish prior to age 18?
Students who are in 9th grade or below at the beginning of the 2011-2012 school year will be subject to compulsory school attendance until they reach the age of 17. Parents homeschooling these children are therefore required to comply with West Virginia Code § 18-8- 1(c) (the homeschool law) until each child turns 17. More information can be found at Need the GED/TASC.
Can my high school student participate in public school sports?
No. WV sports are under the West Virginia Secondary School Association Commission (WVSSAC), therefore sports are under that entities rules.
§127-2-3. Enrollment and Team Membership.

3.1. To be eligible for participation in interscholastic athletics, a student must be enrolled full-time in a member school as described in Rule 127-2-6 on or before the eleventh instructional day of the school year. Enrollment must be continuous after the student has officially enrolled in the school.

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