Can my student earn credits prior to 9th grade?
Yes! Starting too early to award credits may be frowned upon, but certainly credits can be earned in the 7th-8th grade. Just ensure that the class material is distinctively high school level.
Can my student just take the GED/TASC & finish prior to age 18?
WV students are subject to compulsory school attendance until they reach the age of 17. Homeschooling parents are therefore required to comply with West Virginia Code §18-8- 1(c)  (the homeschool law) until each student turns 17. Since WV homeschool diplomas are just as valid as public school diplomas, it is rarely advantageous to use the GED/TASC as the standard for finishing. Find additional information at Need the GED/TASC?
Can my high school student participate in public school sports?

HB 2820 passed the 2023 WV Legislature and took effect on June 9, 2023.

Here’s an excerpt:

(d) Notwithstanding any other provision of this section, or the commission’s rules, the commission shall consider eligible for participation in interscholastic athletic events and other extracurricular activities of secondary schools a student who is receiving home instruction pursuant to §18-8-1(c) of this code, is a participant in the Hope Scholarship Program, pursuant to §18-8-1(m) of this code and as provided for in §18-31-1, et seq. of this code, or participates in amicroschool or learning pod, pursuant to §18-8-1(n) of this code, and who:

(1) Has demonstrated satisfactory evidence of academic progress for each year in compliance with the provisions of that subsection: Provided, That the student’s average test results are within or above the fourth stanine in all subject areas;

(2) Has not reached the age of 19 by August 1 of the current school year;

(3) Is an amateur who receives no compensation but participates solely for the educational, physical, mental and social benefits of the activity;

(4) Agrees to comply with all disciplinary rules of the West Virginia Secondary School Activities Commission and the county board in which the student lives; and

(5) Agrees to obey all rules of the West Virginia Secondary School Activities Commission governing awards, all-star games, parental consents, physical examinations, and vaccinations applicable to all high school athletes.

Eligibility is limited to participation in interscholastic athletic events and other extracurricular activities at the public secondary school serving the attendance zone in which the student lives: Provided, That students who leave a school during the school year are subject to the same transfer protocols that apply to member-to-member transfers. Reasonable fees may be charged to the student to cover the costs of participation in interscholastic athletic events and other extracurricular activities.

Access the entire text of the bill here.