Enroll In School Before Sending Notice?

by | Oct 12, 2020 | News

It’s been brought to CHEWV’s attention that several homeschool parents of kindergarteners and first graders, as well as families moving to our state, have been told they must first enroll in public school before sending in their notice of intent to homeschool.  This is inaccurate. Enrollment is not necessary before homeschooling. Additionally, the Notice of Intent clearly outlines the information that is required.  Any information beyond that is optional.

Children enrolled in public school are assigned a WVEIS number. In light of national and state data bases, CHEWV recommends that parents give out family information cautiously. We also highly recommend that parents ensure they understand the requirements of the WV homeschooling law.  CHEWV has been helping families understand the law for over 35 years. Contact us for reliable answers anytime you have questions.

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