Do colleges accept homeschool credentials?
To our knowledge all colleges accept homechoolers if they satisfy the admission requirements. A few colleges still require that homeschoolers take an equivalency test, although the 2015 Diploma Fairness law requires that, “No state agency or institution of higher learning in this state may reject or otherwise treat a person differently solely on the grounds of the source of such a diploma or credential.” Colleges outside WV are not affected by that law. It’s best to contact prospective colleges early on to find out what they require and plan accordingly.
What about distance learning and dual enrollment during the high school years?
Many homeschoolers are earning college credit well before they graduate from high school. From early enrollment in local colleges to distance learning from afar, it’s no longer unusual to finish high school with some college coursework completed. Other options include AP credits and CLEP credits. Start here, scrolling down to the section on “Planning High School.” Information about both AP and CLEP can be found on the College Board website here.
How do I know what classes and credits colleges require for admission?
Nearly all colleges have online admission information. We highly recommend that you contact prospective colleges to see what they require and then tweak your high school program to best satisfy those requirements.
How do I apply for scholarships?

We have a separate page about the WV Promise Scholarship. In addition, check out our website for information about a wide variety of financial helps.