It is wise to check with potential colleges about which entrance exams are required and preferred.

Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test, combined with the National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test. 

Unlike the SAT or ACT, the PSAT is usually administered at high school locations and only twice during a single week in October.  Homeschoolers should call their local Christian, private or public high school in the beginning of the school year to inquire about arrangements.  Although only 11th graders can qualify for scholarships and recognition, younger students can benefit by the feedback and practice for later college entrance exams. Some homeschooled students begin taking the PSAT as early as 9th grade.  Information is available on the College Board website

Scholastic Aptitude Test

One of two primary college entrance exams, the SAT is administered by the College Board and often offered monthly at college locations.  Registration and arrangements are completed online at the College Board site where practice tests can also be taken.

A second testing option, the SAT Subject Tests, are available through the College Board as well.  Although less frequently required by colleges, subject tests can help demonstrate proficiency and college readiness in particular subject areas.  Some colleges use them for admission, course placement and course selection.

American College Testing Program.

Given several times throughout the year, usually at college locations, the ACT is the other of the two primary college entrance exams. Information, registration, and online test prep are available on the ACT website