College Fair: Like Mother, Like Son?

by | May 7, 2018 | Articles, College, High School

by Wendy Summers

Little did I realize when I decided to attend a college fair as a high school junior, that it would become a God-ordained pivot point in my life.  I had thought my college path was already determined. I was from Maryland, and by default, I would attend the University of Maryland.  My only real choice was which campus.

The fair was packed with colleges and students. At some point, I ended up walking over to a table where a college counselor sat alone. We chatted a few minutes, and I learned that the school had an art camp that summer. I took the information home and spoke with my mother about the possibility of going to the camp. To my surprise, she said “yes.” A week into that camp at Alfred University in New York, I knew that I was meant to go there.

Thirty years later my husband and I are helping our son choose a college or university, praying for God’s perfect will for his life. We have done hours of research and visited some schools. Our mailbox has been crammed with information and literature from schools all across the country, and some have even called! There is so much to consider: distance from home, campus environment, number of students, price, scholarships, available majors, worldview, and on and on. How will he know which school to choose?

Some of the best advice that I have for him I learned many years ago. The first step to finding God’s will in a big decision is seeking to be neutral.  Pray that your feelings and opinions will be okay with whatever God wants. Before our son was even conceived, for example, I began to pray that my husband and I would be willing to raise our kids the way God wanted us to raise them, even if that meant swimming against the flow of culture. When all our friends automatically began registering their kids for pre-K, I was still praying that my feelings and wishes be aligned with God’s will.  Ultimately, He led us to homeschooling. 

Now, as our son’s homeschooling journey nears an end and he seeks to discern God’s leading in his own life, the best advice I can give him is to seek God’s heart first and be open to any surprise directions that our Lord may ordain.

In that context, we are greatly anticipating CHEWV’s College Fair and Financial Aid workshop on the 19th. The fair will be a great opportunity to speak with college counselors from across the state about the schools and their admission process. After visiting a few colleges already, we’re looking forward to talking with many colleges in just one afternoon! 

Still, my mind goes back to my own college fair thirty years ago, an event that turned out to be pivotal in my life.  I wonder if God will use CHEWV’s College Fair in some big way in our son’s life. If so, we’re open to however God leads!

Wendy and her husband James serve on the CHEWV board and are directing the CHEWV College Fair and Financial Aid Workshop.  She hopes and prays that God uses it in the lives of many homeschooling families to direct students to the college of His choice. 

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