CHEWV Comments on BOE Draft

by | Jan 23, 2020 | News, WV Law

CHEWV has submitted comments on a draft policy from the WV Board of Education that would direct counties to develop their own county policy for students leaving the public system to homeschool, as well as for homeschoolers transferring into the public school system.  While we do not believe the intent of the draft policy is to give counties authority to supersede the state homeschool law, CHEWV does believe the policy could result in confusion and misinterpretation of the state law – working to the disadvantage or harm of homeschool families. 

You can find CHEWV’s comments here.

You can submit your own comments through this portal. If you submit comments, we encourage you to mention that state law already prescribes how students leave the school system to homeschool, and that 55 different policies will result in confusion and misinformation.  Also, if you have a personal story about how your county has misunderstood or misinterpreted the law, kindly summarizing that experience in your comments could prove helpful.  As always, CHEWV recommends that all comments remain respectful and courteous.

As for county policies for homeschool students transferring into the public school system, we believe a written and published county policy could be helpful information to homeschool parents – so long as the policy treats homeschoolers with fairness.