At the End of the Journey…

by | Jun 2, 2015 | News


A mom in Greenbrier County submitted this article to express her family’s gratitude to the Lord, to CHEWV, and to their support group leader who was their lifeline for nearly 20 years.

I am very grateful for all that God, CHEWV and Jan Layfield have done for us.  I truly am not sure where we would have been without all the years of support and encouragement.

Our official homeschooling journey ended this May when we proudly presented our daughter Sara with her high school diploma.  We are grateful that much of our extended family and her older brother Joe, also a CHEWV graduate, were there to celebrate with us, along with his wife and young son and daughter.

Weeks prior to graduation, my daughter commented to me, “Jan and CHEWV brought us to this day,” and she was nearly right!  God used both!

Beginning way back in the 1990s, our foray into home education often felt like a rugged and sometimes uncomfortable off-road adventure!  We encountered sudden turns, scary precipices, and seemingly impassable roadblocks.  What to do?  We turned to CHEWV!  I scoured every issue of The Homeschool Banner for well-timed help, teaching and learning strategies, and curriculum insights.  We held on to our state organization’s lifeline and were continually thankful for the wisdom and support of fellow-home educators who went before us, working tirelessly toward key legislative victories that slowly carved out more freedoms for hundreds of families around the state.

Just as important to us, CHEWV’s personal face was Jan Layfield, along with her husband Jeff, our treasured Greenbrier Area Homeschoolers’ Network leaders.  Jan and Jeff graciously served families in our area even after their own daughter was long-since graduated.  Time and again, Jan’s caring, godly counsel helped us sort out practical, beneficial options for each of our children and their unique challenges.  She always had time to answer my “SOS” calls and patiently listen to my latest crisis.  While she never tried to make my decisions for me, Jan’s breadth of knowledge and understanding, as well as her kindness and compassion, invariably shed welcome light on the path ahead for me and my family.  It’s really hard to put into words the blessing she has been in our lives!

We are so grateful for the biblical values and enriching resources brought to us by the older, experienced families of both our local support group and of CHEWV.  As CHEWV celebrates its 25th anniversary, we want to be ones who say, “Thank you!”  You made a difference for us!

by Tami McCartey


CHEWV Note to All Support Group Leaders:  We appreciate the kind words from the McCartys, but we’d also like to take this opportunity to thank all the local support group leaders from around the mountain state who work tirelessly to help local families.  It’s a privilege and blessing to labor alongside you!  While we may not always receive accolades and recognition this side of heaven, may we strive to store up treasures that will not fade away. From all of us here at CHEWV, please accept our heartfelt thanks.