The Iowa battery of tests is a nationally normed, standardized test yielding “percentile” ranks, which are comparisons against norm group scores.  To determine which test levels are normed against the grade your child is in, refer to the table:

Test Level: Normed Against:
5/6 Kindergarteners
7 1st graders
8 2nd graders
9 3rd graders
10 4th graders
11 5th graders
12 6th graders
13 7th graders
14 8th graders
15 9th graders
16 10th graders
17 11th graders
18 12th graders
In special circumstances, test levels can be compared against one grade higher or one grade lower, but this requires a special request.  If previous scores are low, a learning disability exists, or some other circumstance requires special consideration, feel free to email us at


The new Iowa assessment does not offer two first grade levels. To help with early level considerations, we offer this article.

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