If we don't test with CHEWV, can CHEWV's testing service help us?
Yes. Our testing and assessment assistance is not limited to those who test with us. In fact, our testing program is not even a profit-making endeavor. Like everything we do, it is a non-profit service to the WV homeschooling community. It is also one small piece of the assessment services we offer which include personal consultations for any testing situation, portfolio information, and local workshops. Our mission is to ensure that legal assessment options and information are available throughout the state. Please do not hesitate to contact us with questions about any assessment situation. We are here to help you meet the standards of the WV code!
Since scores are released electronically, what if I don't have internet or email?

Email addresses provided to CHEWV are used for CHEWV business only and are never sold or given to others. Email is the most cost effective method we have for contacting families when necessary, so we greatly appreciate families who provide us with their email contacts. In addition, CHEWV sends a monthly e-newsletter and occasionally other informative emails such as updates during the Charleston Legislative session.

If you are still concerned about giving your personal email address, we ask that you open an alternative email address such as a gmail or yahoo account just for testing purposes. Do also note that access to the scores will come directly to the email address you provide; please choose the address accordingly.

If you honestly do not have access to the internet, you may contact Brian and Becky Price (testing@chewv.org) to make special arrangements.

Does CHEWV give scores to the county?
No. CHEWV only releases scores to the parents – using the contact information they give us during registration. The parents decide whether to use the scores to meet WV’s yearly assessment requirement (including reporting assessment results for grades 3, 5, 8 and 11), and if they decide to do so, they must submit the scores by June 30th. When testing, five scores are required by law to determine the “mean” standard of the law: reading, language, mathematics, science, and social studies. While the individualized score reports from the test publisher will provide a host of additional information for parents, only the five required scores are on CHEWV’s county report which is the only report necessary to turn in.
Why does CHEWV test so early in the school year?
We test in March in order to return over 700 tests for scoring in a timely manner and still have enough time to process the CHEWV county score reports after the scores are released back to us.
What is a testing window?
The range of dates we give as a “testing window” is the period of time during which a parent (via private testing) or a Test Center Coordinator can schedule their testing. Testing takes about two or three half-days to complete, so there are many choices within the testing window. We ensure that the tests are sent to you by the beginning of the testing window, and they must be returned within a couple days of the end date for the window.
What other testing options are available besides CHEWV testing?

Our testing program is a volunteer effort that exists only to assist families. We work hard to ensure that our program meets the WV code and is beyond reproach. Our scores also help us fight legislative battles because we can prove the success of WV homeschoolers. However, it is not the only viable testing option.

Families can order directly from BJ Press Testing & Evaluation but will not receive the CHEWV county report, and will not have the assistance of our test centers or our testing volunteers. However, both the Iowa and the Stanford are available in that way.

Tests are also available from other sources such as Seton Testing and A Beka. 

Lastly, WVHEA offers the Terra Nova. It is a survey type of test, provides one score report, and takes only one day to administer. Although not as extensive in scope as the Iowa, it is a viable option for meeting the assessment option.

Please remember to be diligent to choose a test that meets the WV homeschool law’s requirements. Not all tests out there satisfy the law. If you have questions about a particular test, contact testing @chewv.org. 

What if I miss CHEWV's test registration deadline?
After the deadline date, tests may not be available from CHEWV. For possible options, contact testing@chewv.org.
What if I have additional questions?

Contact your TCC for questions about your test center.

All questions about registrations, and all inquiries after the deadline should be sent to Brian and Becky Price at testing@chewv.org.

If my child was given an assessment test in the public school and then I remove the child to homeschool, can I use the public school assessment as my assessment to submit to the county board of education by June 30?
Possibly. Since there could be different circumstances it is advisable to get advice from legal counsel. We recommend membership in HSLDA, a legal group that has been working with, supporting, and defending homeschool families for over 30 years. (CHEWV members get a $15.00 discount on HSLDA membership fees.)